En complément du massage :

Les étirements, le froid, ou la compression font partie des différentes méthodes complémentaires d’une bonne récupération.

Êtes-vous équipé pour vous masser convenablement ?


Marie Fauchille
APTONIA Dietician / Nutritionist
After the 10 km

The purpose of the recovery phase is to compensate water and energy loss and to help with quick muscle recovery. You must therefore start to rehydrate as soon as you cross the finishing line and quickly absorb carbohydrates and proteins.

Prefer recovery drinks to provide you with all the necessary elements that athletes need during this phase.

Secondly, make sure you eat some carbohydrates (energy bars, dry fruit, fruit, gingerbread, health food biscuits, etc.)

During the 10 km:

Whatever the level and/or the race time, the latter is unlikely to last more than an hour. It is worth noting that no particular requirements need to fulfilled when running under an hour for this type of event.

However, if the 10 km takes place in high temperatures, hydration then becomes essential.

The last meal before the 10 km:

It must be taken 3 hrs before the start to ensure it is properly digested. It is rich in carbohydrates and easy to digest. Its main purpose is to maximise energy reserves. The supercake is just the right food.

The day before a 10 km

On the eve of the race, the meal will be mainly starch based. It must remain light, in other words avoid adding additional fat content (butter, cream, sauce…)

This meal must not cause indigestion, dry foods are also to be avoided, as are starch based on wholemeal flour. It is also recommended to avoid spicy, smoked or marinated foods.


You can run for fun or race over a variety of distances. Whatever your event, diet is very important and mustn't be overlooked. However a diet will not be the same for a 10 km compared to a marathon.

Nutritional recommendations for a 10 km are limited to the day before the event and the recovery phase.


Marie Fauchille
APTONIA Dietician / Nutritionist
4/ Nutrition tips for the pre-competition snack

Between 2 hours and 15 minutes before the race. You must drink regularly (every 15 minutes). You may eat a cereal product (cereal bars) every half hour and/or a ripe or cooked fruit. This keeps your energy reserves at their maximum, and ensures the correct amount of hydration.


10 to 15 minutes before the warm up or the start, you should drink an energy drink to provide you with carbohydrates, and continue this frequently throughout the match.


The energy cake has been specially designed to provide the necessary fuel for your activity. It is easy to prepare and ideal as your final pre-race meal. It can be eaten up to one hour before the start.


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